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MyResClub offers a great product discounting or getting rebates (cash back) on travel expenses, a comprehensive E-course teaching you how to get into virtual real estate to make passive income, an E-book relating to that course, and an E-course on how to Commit to creating abundance in your life!



1 - Fill in your info
2 - Set up a name for your replicated website, mine is blmfamllc.myresclub
3 - Use my discount code at checkout (my4995)
4 - Message me to let me know and I'll add you to the support groups!

Make Money

First! Use the products and especially the Ecourse!


Second, While the promo lasts!

Check your email for your unique link and share this with others!

For every 3 people you enroll within 24hrs you get $100 - $200 in bonus NEXT DAY, plus the standard referral pay ($10 per person) within 7 days!


It can be pretty easy to get 3 enrollments to get at least 1 bonus! And I can help you with social media marketing if you need it!


1 - best friend

2 - family member. (Not in the same home)

3 - coworker

Just some ideas!


NO limits on how much you can make

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