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How to Over Deliver for Your Consumers

The best brands in the world understand that delivering more than expected is a key aspect of customer service. When consumers feel like they are over-delivered on their expectations, it builds brand loyalty and helps with sales leads. Here are different ways you can over-deliver for your customers.

  1. Find a gap in the market by listening to your customers

A good way to ensure you're delivering an experience that's above and beyond is by listening to what your audience wants. You can gain valuable insight into what they need, don't need, are frustrated with, and excited about simply by engaging them in conversation. One of the best ways to do this is through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram where you can ask questions directly and get feedback on new products or ideas before they are released onto the market. Or try hosting live events or webinars where people can ask questions directly from their screens while they watch it live online.

2. Reward loyal customers with a special offer

To truly wow your audience, it’s important that you offer them a special offer or discount on a product they have never bought before. This can be done through an email campaign, social media message, or even in-person at the checkout counter.

Whatever method you choose, it’s essential that you make sure your audience knows about this special offer before they receive their order. If possible, send out an email campaign with details about the offer at least one week before orders are due to arrive so customers can place their orders in time for delivery without having to worry about missing out on the discount.

If you don’t have time for an email campaign and need something more immediate, consider including details of the promo code or promotion somewhere on your website where customers will see it when they are checking out online – this will ensure that all customers know how much money off their order is going to be if they use one of these codes when paying for goods online.

3. Over-deliver on promises and promotions

If you promise to deliver something and then deliver more than you promised, your customer will feel like they've gotten both a bargain and an added bonus. Use this principle when you're running sales or other promotions where there's a specific offer for free or discounted items.

When it comes down to it, there are few things as satisfying as getting more than was promised; when done right, over-delivering can help build trust with customers and improve brand reputation by demonstrating that what matters most is not making money but providing excellent service at every turn.

4. Offer a more personal touch

The single biggest way to over-deliver for your consumers is by offering a more personal touch. This means using the name of the person you’re communicating with, using a friendly tone of voice and writing style, and including details that make you seem like an actual human being instead of just another company trying to sell them something.

Here are some examples:

  • Include the customer’s name in your emails as often as possible (e.g., “Hello Kylie!”)

  • Use friendly language that conveys genuine interest in helping them out (e.g., “That sounds frustrating! Here are some tips on how we can fix this together…).

5. Deliver faster than expected

Delivering faster than expected is the most effective way to make customers happy. It shows them that you value their business and want to give them more than they are paying for. In fact, over-delivering with speed will immediately impress your customer, which could have a positive impact on sales, customer retention, and referrals.


Over delivering for your consumers will help build a brand loyal customer base. It can also help with sales leads since customers will recommend your business to others because they were happy with the service they received!

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